At UpcycleJoy, we keep outdated and/or damaged clothing, uniforms, jewelry, belts and hardware out of the landfills by converting them into beautiful, one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories.  So many things are discarded creating a never ending supply of potential materials ... what better way to have some creative fun and help recycling efforts too.

Knowing that each material used had another life prior to its new one, gives each piece a depth and history.  It makes you wonder ... "Did the little girl who wore this sundress like to jump in puddles when it rained?" or "Did the soldier who wore this uniform serve on the battlefield?" or "Did the grandfather who wore this blazer jingle change in his pocket for the grandkids to hear?" or "Did the woman who wore this suit push through glass ceilings?"  Giving these items new form and purpose honors their previous lives and creates new stories.

Everything we make is done lovingly by hand and here in the U.S.  We scour Maryland and Virginia for clothing, uniforms, jewelry, belts and hardware that are then deconstructed, hand cut and sewn into a unique piece.  No two are exactly the same.  Each piece is then tagged with a custom tag detailing what the piece is made from.  You can even have one custom made from items you provide.

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